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Before I fall in LOVE with YOU….

10 Questions to ask Yourself

Use these questions as a starting point to help you determine whether you are ABOUT to step into a relationship that is likely to be POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE.

1. Are you giving yourself time to learn your new partner?

2. Do you feel good about YOURSELF when you are with this person?

3. Do you respect each other for WHO your are RIGHT NOW?

4. Do you SHARE similar VALUES?

5. Do you both have your OWN friends?

6. Do you have similar RELATIONSHIP goals?

7. Is the relationship able to withstand DISAGREEMENT?

8. Do you have similar views about friendships?

9. Do you and your partner respect each others DIFFERENCES?

10. Do you pay attention to the RED FLAGS?

10 Answers….

1. Time is essential, If you are ‘in love’ in a very short period of time….you might be in love with LOVE.

2. If being with your partner leaves you with feeling of not wanting to be yourself…there is definitely a problem. Remember:  It’s your feeling that counts.

3. If you find yourself saying, you would like your partner if only if they would change…you may need to rethink the relationship.

4. Never over look the importance of having similar values, you do not have to be a carbon copy of each other, but if your values are too different, this might not work.

5. Do not ever give up your friends to focus exclusively on your relationship. DO NOT ever enter into a relationship where giving up your friends is a requirement of there relationship.

6. If you know you are looking for one type of relationship and your potential partner is looking for another-do not put yourself through the  misery of trying to change your partner’s mind.

7. No relationship is without some disagreement, the trick is to learn to engage in productive disagreements.

8. Be willing to give some insight into your partners views about value and importance of others….pay attention to what others are saying.


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