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Hell is being a Cross dresser..

Excerpt from Rev Freda’s book:  “Go to HELL

Know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  What truth?  Who’s truth?  Your truth? My truth? Or THE truth?  We can only find true fulfillment when living THE truth.  And there is no greater reality then your own individual truth… and that is “the” truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!  So many of us choose to keep our truth (the truth) locked away in the closet.  And you know what is so ironic?

The closet we find ourselves in is not even the closet that we have built for ourselves.  We’re living in someone else’s pain… someone else’s fear… someone else’s dream… someone else’s nightmare… someone else’s judgment…  someone else’s concept of what is true and what is real and what is right; whether it be the opinion of society, religion, or family.  As a result we become cross dressers.  We not only dress ourselves up and become what others think we should be, but we are actually willing to take on the identity of others and accept it as our truth.

Expectations; it’s those unattainable things we try to live up to (yet never quite do) and those things that we require from others (that they never quite live up to either).  And for what?  To fit in?  To fit into what?  A damn closet?  Puhleeze! Some of us have the nerve to think we’re better off because we’re living in a spacious walk-in closet.  Honey, all that means is that you can get more of your sh-t up in it!  More room for all of your baggage, even if it is disguised in matching designer luggage.  How dare us put the pressure of living up to our expectations onto anyone else?  How dare us put the pressure of living up to our expectations onto ourselves!

Here’s the thing about ALL closets:  They all have four walls, but at least one of those walls has a door.  We have the power to exit through that door (faith, hope, believing) at anytime we choose.  We can even tear that damn hell hole down!  Will it be easy?  Change never is.  When you are used to living in the dark, which is our ignorance and our fear, it will take some time for our eyes (our insight) to adjust to the Light (the truth).   “If the shoe fits…” does NOT mean that you have to wear it.  And why wear the pants when you’d much prefer being in a dress?  Is that tie too tight and choking the very life out of you? Are you wearing a girdle that’s holding in your freedom?  Then it’s time to come out of the closet, get butt-ass naked (get real), stand in front of the mirror (your conscience), look your fears in the eye and declare: “GO TO HELL!”