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I’m not liking you…but I love you!

Trying to Love someone you don’t Like.

Love possesses not nor would it be possessed: for love is sufficient unto love” –The Prophet

Another way of putting it, It takes a fool to learn, love don’t love nobody.

We think love and like are the same, but there is a big difference. Love is unconditional but like, it has conditions. So before you…fall in love again, make a list of things you like, dislike and things that are deal breakers.

We have the power to control our emotions in every situation; it’s that split second before we open the door to our heart, so know the importance’s of dating.

People do tell you who they are if we just take out the time to listen. And stop being in such of a hurry to give yourself away…time is your best friend, so take your time and see how they handle life when it shows up…and it will show up.

Before you invest your emotions stop and pay attention, people can only dance the bullish dance for a minute. Trust what you feel…not what they say, everybody is not hearty enough to have a front seat in your life.

If you are tired of ending up with the same old s@#$, you will start by beginning to live consciously. You will take the time to know what it is you’re looking for in a person, and what you’re bringing to the table to share with someone else.

You must be honest with self, if you like to be shown affection, why choose some one who doesn’t like to be touched? If you have a great sex drive, fine someone that loves to ride….Know you and you will know what you’re looking for in a person.

The only reason to enter into a relationship is because this is what you want. Period. Not because you’re lonely,  needy, or you want to feel like you belong.

Remember: We attract who we are and not what we want. The trick is to like the person we love.

Im jezsayin…

Say what??? No Apology Needed…I’m GOOD!

Re:  Black Church Leaders: Seeking Forgiveness From the LGBT Community –

As a wonderful lesbian, a good mother, a great friend, a nice person, a child of the source, a tax payer,  and spirit being having a human experience I don’t need your apology for me being me.

I was created by love to love in whatever way I choose to love…I don’t just accept my sexuality, I celebrate it.

So don’t seek forgiveness from me I’m still here…maybe from the thousand of Gays that died of HIV/AIDS or the people who are infected  because you didn’t  use the power of pulpit to give the facts, or maybe to those that you would not bury when you found out they had died of the virus.

Maybe to the gays that still feel that they need your abuse and your God and so they continue to sing in your chorus or support you with 10% of their earnings? But not me, I found out I didn’t need to go to you to connect with the source that created me. I discover that love comes from us and not you. I found out I am love and love is not from one source… apology needed, I’m good!

Give Us Free…Egypt Took There’s

Congratulation, Egypt!!!!

“Give us free” is what the slaves said, and we’re still not Free. Freedom comes with a price and until you’re ready to pay that price…no freedom for you.  As I looked at Egypt I thought to myself, “So this is how transformation happens sometimes?” You have to be willing to take a stand for what you feel is the right thing to do. I salute those who were willing to give of their lives for others to be free and refuse to be stopped by fear.

I know that when it’s something I feel very strongly about I still feel the fear, but not to take that stand is a slow death…Freedom is to have a equal piece of the American Pie, freedom to keep my house and not let the big corporation make a profit off of my back, freedom to love whom I choose, freedom to have a great education for me and my children with the high taxes I paid. Of course freedom is not free, I am paying everyday, I’m just not getting my money’s worth.

We must stop living under the illusion that Freedom is Free.



Near-Living Experiences…

Near –Living Experiences

I’m almost there, you know there. I see it, my ship is coming in.

What it takes to live sometimes makes death a welcomed friend. I don’t know how many times I wanted to call it quits…just give up, walk away. And today that’s what I do. Everyday I have a near-death experience: the death of dreams, by making them come true, the death of hope, by being it, and the death of happiness, because I AM JOY!

Sometimes we find ourselves imprisoned in our own mind, sentenced to solitary confinement for an unspecified duration, with no chance of time off for good behavior. So we have what I call a near life experience…we are suspended in fear.

We feel as if life is over, and we are right. Life as we knew it is over. Once this happens, you realize that life shows up for one reason and one reason only….so you can SEE YOURSELF. Not to judge or punish, but to give you a sneak preview of Who You Really Are. You know, when you’re at the movies to see one show and you see the previews of the other shows….to see if that something you’d like to see. It’s the same with our lives, Life shows up…shit happens, and you get to see if this is the starring role I want to play in my life…A woman with courage, a woman that chooses for her highest good, one who trusts what she feels …or am I going to play the victim role again, the one who makes other people’s opinion more important than what she feels. “Someone Out to Get Me” starring that famous star of victimhood…..ME!

Listen, don’t make Death an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every day we can experience Death anew.

I am giving you a “get of jail free” card, use it to free you mind.