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Successful people have ONE thing in common

People that are successful have ‘ONE’ thing in common, ‘they keep it moving’ feel what you need to feel (heartbreak, betrayal,hurt, FEAR etc).!

YOU get three days…to be a Victim.

1. Day ONE,the shock of not trusting what you felt in the first place.I can’t believe I did is again… damn!

2.Day TWO, feeling sorry and not wanting to take responsibly for the choice I’ve made and wanting to blame and blaming makes you powerless…

3. Day THREE, forgiving yourself for being human…life, and it’s experiences…

jezsayin…if more than three days, it’s too long. It’s moving time!!! If you fall the ground will catch you!

Eye Sight of God! God is Blind!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came to me was…I would love to have a good cup of coffee…not wow, I’m gay, or black, or a woman…please stop judging me by Jesus…I’m me!

“GREATER WORKS” will you do…then do them….I’m not competing with you or Jesus.

We are just trying to celebrate New York finally doing the right thing…not trying to listen to why you love me…I love me.

I get so tried of people justifying why they should or shouldn’t love me….

I don’t need for you to have a few good Gays…that’s like having a few good white people…love is for everyonelove is everyone.

And there is someone trying to justify me being Gay is ok by comparing the works we are suppose to be doing in order to be Good in the Eye Sight of God!

God is Blind! Sees no color, race, sexuality, gender, class….

sorry…I’m not trying to do greater works…I’m being the best me I can be…what does God want from me, nothing, what does God need from me, nothing….not trying to do greater works.

I am not justifying who I am by the work I do….I am me! And the work I do is great…I am worth.

Say what??? No Apology Needed…I’m GOOD!

Re:  Black Church Leaders: Seeking Forgiveness From the LGBT Community –

As a wonderful lesbian, a good mother, a great friend, a nice person, a child of the source, a tax payer,  and spirit being having a human experience I don’t need your apology for me being me.

I was created by love to love in whatever way I choose to love…I don’t just accept my sexuality, I celebrate it.

So don’t seek forgiveness from me I’m still here…maybe from the thousand of Gays that died of HIV/AIDS or the people who are infected  because you didn’t  use the power of pulpit to give the facts, or maybe to those that you would not bury when you found out they had died of the virus.

Maybe to the gays that still feel that they need your abuse and your God and so they continue to sing in your chorus or support you with 10% of their earnings? But not me, I found out I didn’t need to go to you to connect with the source that created me. I discover that love comes from us and not you. I found out I am love and love is not from one source… apology needed, I’m good!