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Relationships comes in stages

Originally by: Yahtta Jones

Are you guys aware that relationships comes in stages? I ‘ll walk you through them.

1. Initiating-this is where the relationship begins by one of you initiating contact.
2. Experimenting-this is when the two of you get better aquainted like small talk, finding out more of one another.
3. Intensifying– during this stage the two of you begin to express feelings to one each other.Verbally and non-verbally. May even say that you are couple.
4. Intergrating-during this time you are definitely a couple and society views you as such. You meet each others family and buy things together. You may even see some changes within yourself such as your attitude about life, become a better listener, or change your appearance.
4. Bonding-During this stage is marriage or promise’s are made to never part.
5. Differentiating– This stage now that you guys have committed to one another, one or both of you will feel the need to regain their independence. Which can include going out with friends, joining to a gym, or taking up some type of hobby. This stage is one of the hardest to except because one of us will feel threated by the situation.
6. Circumscribing– This is when the relationship really began to take a turn for the worst. You guys won’t communicate, avoid discussing problems and become overly critical of each other. You guys will become less interested to maintain the relationship.
7. Stagnating– This is when the relationship stops growing;  it’s like the two of you go through the motions with less feelings and enthusiasm. Neither of you really love each other anymore, just staying involved because of fear of being alone, or the kids or pure convenience. The intimacy of the past is gone and self disclosure has stopped.
8. Avoiding– You guys spend little time together and almost all communication has ceased. It has become to difficult and very uncomfortable to be together. You may begin to make excuses on why you cant see one another.
9. Terminating-Relationship Ends!

I learned this years ago in my communications class and thought nothing of it. What stage are you in?

Thanks for reading…

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