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Say what??? No Apology Needed…I’m GOOD!

Re:  Black Church Leaders: Seeking Forgiveness From the LGBT Community –

As a wonderful lesbian, a good mother, a great friend, a nice person, a child of the source, a tax payer,  and spirit being having a human experience I don’t need your apology for me being me.

I was created by love to love in whatever way I choose to love…I don’t just accept my sexuality, I celebrate it.

So don’t seek forgiveness from me I’m still here…maybe from the thousand of Gays that died of HIV/AIDS or the people who are infected  because you didn’t  use the power of pulpit to give the facts, or maybe to those that you would not bury when you found out they had died of the virus.

Maybe to the gays that still feel that they need your abuse and your God and so they continue to sing in your chorus or support you with 10% of their earnings? But not me, I found out I didn’t need to go to you to connect with the source that created me. I discover that love comes from us and not you. I found out I am love and love is not from one source… apology needed, I’m good!


  Mozayik “the souls’ poet” wrote @

Now we need you to walk the talk. Put some action behind those words. Thanks Rev. Alfreda.

  Skye wrote @

Love it! Preach. Alfreda, you said a mouth full. I agree, no need to seek my forgiveness, I’m good too. They need to seek God’s forgiveness for turning their backs on his children.

I’ve often wondered about those in our community who feel the need to be a part of a church that condemn them, that feel they need the approval of a Man or Woman rather than trust the Almighty’s love for them. So very sad.

I look forward to reading your book.

Be Well.

  Anthony B. wrote @

Awesome I tell ya!

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