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Give Us Free…Egypt Took There’s

Congratulation, Egypt!!!!

“Give us free” is what the slaves said, and we’re still not Free. Freedom comes with a price and until you’re ready to pay that price…no freedom for you.  As I looked at Egypt I thought to myself, “So this is how transformation happens sometimes?” You have to be willing to take a stand for what you feel is the right thing to do. I salute those who were willing to give of their lives for others to be free and refuse to be stopped by fear.

I know that when it’s something I feel very strongly about I still feel the fear, but not to take that stand is a slow death…Freedom is to have a equal piece of the American Pie, freedom to keep my house and not let the big corporation make a profit off of my back, freedom to love whom I choose, freedom to have a great education for me and my children with the high taxes I paid. Of course freedom is not free, I am paying everyday, I’m just not getting my money’s worth.

We must stop living under the illusion that Freedom is Free.




  Kathy F. wrote @

Its true, we’ve become complacent. Our ancestors paid the price for us to have what extent of freedom we have today, but we don’t appreciate their struggle. How many of us don’t vote? Every elected official has some control over our quality of life, so we need to vote at every opportunity we can. Really, our tax fund are spent according to how the politicians choose to spend it. It really does affect our services and how much tax money is required. Other countries are fighting for the right to vote. We need to honor our ancestors and vote whenever we have that option. You are right, freedom is not free.

  Scott K wrote @

Honey. yes.

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