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Near-Living Experiences…

Near –Living Experiences

I’m almost there, you know there. I see it, my ship is coming in.

What it takes to live sometimes makes death a welcomed friend. I don’t know how many times I wanted to call it quits…just give up, walk away. And today that’s what I do. Everyday I have a near-death experience: the death of dreams, by making them come true, the death of hope, by being it, and the death of happiness, because I AM JOY!

Sometimes we find ourselves imprisoned in our own mind, sentenced to solitary confinement for an unspecified duration, with no chance of time off for good behavior. So we have what I call a near life experience…we are suspended in fear.

We feel as if life is over, and we are right. Life as we knew it is over. Once this happens, you realize that life shows up for one reason and one reason only….so you can SEE YOURSELF. Not to judge or punish, but to give you a sneak preview of Who You Really Are. You know, when you’re at the movies to see one show and you see the previews of the other shows….to see if that something you’d like to see. It’s the same with our lives, Life shows up…shit happens, and you get to see if this is the starring role I want to play in my life…A woman with courage, a woman that chooses for her highest good, one who trusts what she feels …or am I going to play the victim role again, the one who makes other people’s opinion more important than what she feels. “Someone Out to Get Me” starring that famous star of victimhood…..ME!

Listen, don’t make Death an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every day we can experience Death anew.

I am giving you a “get of jail free” card, use it to free you mind.



  April wrote @

Your words never fail to inspire me to “live” for me!! I love you for always making this so clear! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  Rhonda Key Youngblood wrote @

Fabulous reminder to “die daily,” to continue to experience the “newness” of life by allowing the onion skin to fall away. Fabulous reminder to say Yes to the Life that is calling us to greater and greater experiences of Goodness, as we release the judgment.

Thank you!

  Michelle wrote @

I LOVE the way you write. I so look forward to reading Go to HELL…I thank you for my get out of jail card, cause tomorrow and each day going forward something good is gonna happen for me!

  Tiffany wrote @


  sherrian ellison wrote @

I love the energy and insight that you have. The Universe will give itself all forms of truth and inspiration….LoVE IT!!!


  Lisabeth wrote @

powerful write my Friend,,, dieing daily is key.
keep it coming,,, much success is headed your way!

  Mozayik “the souls’ poet” wrote @

Thank you. Once again you have provoked thoughts and inspiration. I love you for that. You are a gift.

  Lovey Curry wrote @

Love it ! Love You … YOU are an evloved Soul … Gifted!! Blessings

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